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Artist Name: wxrren

Who are you?

I always like to say that I refuse to put myself in a box stylistically. I’d say my music is really different but still palatable. I take inspiration from Hyperpop, House, Dancehall, Techno, Indie, EDM, Dubstep, Rap, etc. I put a lot of focus on my live shows and making it fun for the audience. I really enjoy all the dancing, crowd surfing, and overall just watching people forget their problems and let loose.

Where are you from?

I’m from Florence, AL also known as “The Shoals”. We have a very deep routed music history here because of FAME Recording Studio and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. We have a really fresh underground music scene that started back up last year. It’s a pretty tight-knit scene of artists and bands with lots of talent. Everything ranging from Rap, Rnb, Hyperpop, Hardcore Punk, Metal, Soul, EDM, Dubstep, House, Hard Rock, Alt-Rock, Indie, Pop, etc. It’s a lot more diverse than you’d expect from some small city in North Alabama. But the underground scene here brings people together like no other. Whether it’s these mixed genre shows I’ve been a part of, the hardcore shows, or one of the EDM/Dubstep shows it’s really turned into a big community thing that lots of people wanna be involved in.

How can we follow you?

Find my music on ALL platforms under “wxrren”
Connect with me on Instagram or TikTok @whoisjowarren
Booking / Features Email
[email protected]

Song Title: fly

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